Wastewater Experts is a consulting firm providing expertise on the design, operation, analysis, and troubleshooting of wastewater treatment equipment, processes, and plants.

These services include:process design and equipment selection for both greenfield plants and retrofits, including both capacity increase and cost reduction.

Vendor performance and failure resolution – when vendor performance issues arise, we will separate Fact from Fiction, and demonstrate where responsibility and liabilities belong.

Value engineering review of other engineer’s your civil engineering firm’s designs and cost estimates, in order to help owners get the most treatment for the least cost.

Expert witness service for the avoidance, preparation, or litigation of irreconcilable contractual disputes.

Process troubleshooting where we come to the site and determine the cause of operational deficiencies, for which we identify cost-effective solutions.

Patent development. If you have an idea you want patented, we can help you to refine the idea and maximize your coverage.

Wastewater Experts is owned by Ken Norcross, president of SynergisTech, Inc. and the founder of wastewater technology companies Jet Tech Inc. and PMC BioTec Inc. (now BioConversion Solutions), and a former VP of Technology at Veolia Water.

For more information go to www.wastewaterexperts.com or email Ken Norcross at ken@wastewaterexperts.com.