Waste Werks LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Corporation, that acquires recyclable goods with the intent to sort, smelt, and resell bulk inventories of  plastics, metals, coffee, oils, filters, electronics, appliances, paper and cardboard to distributors in its targeted market.
Our Drop-off Centers will incentivize businesses and consumers for recycling. We believe that people should be rewarded for recycling instead of being charged. We also believe that large waste service providers, County and City Governments should put in place recycling programs that help build sustainable communities. Recycling is the responsibility of every person who lives on this earth. As we see an increase of alternative energy and Biofuels sources created more and more waste service providers will compete in this market. Our goal at Waste Werks is to offer a solution where regular people such as ourselves can get paid for the items that need to be recycled and use those funds to purchase new products so that even the money they are receiving from us is recycled back into our communities. With this plan it creates growth and retention in communities that are suffering because of lack of revenue streams. We also plan to open many facilities that will create jobs and produce a positive for the cities and counties where we are located. In the future businesses will be able to reinvest the money that they are receiving through Waste Werks incentive program to buy goods, services and expand. We realize that the only way to educate and incentivize businesses and consumers is to offer an alternative to the normal way of how we are currently being charged for our recyclables instead of being paid for our resources.