Water Depot - The Future is Here
The future of the water treatment industry is promising. At present, more consumers, industries, and global corporations than ever before are questioning the water quality being provided by municipalities, wells, lakes and rivers. Quality drinking water is a growing concern throughout every region of the world. Water Depot provides you with specialized water treatment solutions for every situation. As water treatment experts, we carry a full product line that includes water softeners, filtration systems, ultraviolet disinfection systems, reverse osmosis pure drinking water systems, water coolers, bottled water and U-fill Water Centers, hot tub spas, Saunas, replacement filters, accessories and more. Our goal is to provide safe drinking water in Ontario. Want to learn more about our products? Visit your friendly Water Depot specialists today!
Did you know?

The water treatment industry is presently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Water Depot is the fastest growing water treatment company in Canada today!

The Water Depot Franchise
Over 10 years ago, Water Depot's water store concept was developed. With proven retail experience stemming from owning and operating three retail water centers ourselves, these corporately owned stores introduced and shaped our solid retail presence, bold signage, innovative equipment designs, purified water bottling process, in-store fixtures, wide-ranging product selection, and exciting merchandising concepts.

In 2001, Water Depot began franchising this system and has since expanded to 25 retail locations in Ontario - and we're still growing! It's evident that through our extensive marketing programs, proven merchandising concepts, informative operation manuals, aggressive advertising, on-going training and competitive water treatment equipment, Water Depot presents the tools required for following through with our successful formula of the Water Depot franchise system. In turn, Water Depot has become the fastest growing water franchise company in Canada today!

The Water Depot Concept
The unique Water Depot concept is simple: "always be better or different." By visiting one of our retail locations you will quickly see what we mean. Water Depot comes second, because our customers always come first. Our whole marketing system is based on customer satisfaction, which indicates that our high level of integrity and dedication to our customers is the main reason for our rapid growth. Another key to Water Depot's successful program is the aggressive television advertising campaign we exemplify on major networks. This program allows Water Depot franchises to invite customers into our retail centers to demonstrate our "customers come first" strategy. Once customers enter our stores, they will recognize that Water Depot offers the best products, warranties and prices around.
Are you futuristic, health-conscious, and have a burning desire to succeed? If so, visit our franchise information page for details, or call us at (705) 735-6642 to embrace a position within the fastest growing water treatment franchise today!

Water Depot…the future is here.