China(Guangzhou) International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2015
Date: June 4-6, 2015
Venue: China Import &Export Fair Complex, Area C (No.980 Xinggang East Road, Guangzhou)

China National Health Association Drinking Healthy Committee
Guangdong Bottled Drinking Water Industry Association
China National Food Industry Association
Guangdong Healthy Food Industry Association
Guangzhou Import Food Quality Management Association
Organizer: Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
International Supporters:
European Chamber
Royal Thai Consulate-General
Spain Chamber of Commerce in China
Colombia Chamber of Commerce in China
Food Newspaper

Exhibition profile:
Co-Located: The 15th IFE China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition 2015
Exhibition space of IFE China covers 5 halls at 50,000 sqm, water expo is about 10000 sqm
192 water exhibitors come from 15 different countries and regions
10280 water industry professional visitors come from 20 different countries and regions
309 representatives attended in our exhibition, 196 from domestic area and 113 from abroad.
‖Exhibition Products‖
High-end drinking water:  Natural mineral water,Glacier mineral water,High quality natural water,Natural soda water, Deep sea water, Snowmelt, Distilled water, Weak alkaline ionized water, Medical mineral water, etc.

Drinking Water Equipment: Calcium ion water machine,Water ionizer,Active oxygen generator,Automatic water dispenser,Multifunctional cup,Magnetized water cup (pot), etc.

High-end water production equipment: Filtration equipment, Pure water equipment, Reverse osmosis  equipment, Softened water equipment, Sterilization equipment, Filling equipment, Bottle blowing machine, Packaging equipment, Printing equipment etc.
Award And Sponsorship
All the "water expo" participants have the chance to take part in the award activity, which will select "High Quality Certification"

Sponsorship- Contain business opportunities
The advantages of Sponsorship Company
1 The sponsor enjoys the best result of comprehensive synchronous promotion together with exhibition.
2 The sponsor enjoys the best result of awareness from the professional visitors.
3 With the smallest investment to gain the maximum benefits.

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