WaterfallNow creates custom designer waterfalls, water features, and fountains. There is a lack of options for the garden artwork that we create. So much so that we get requests from all over the world on a daily basis requesting our water feature products.

WaterfallNow began as a family owned landscaping company for more than 20 years until starting a new company and gathering a group of expert designers. We now create works of art that are showcased around the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada.

Like any other small business involved in contract work much of our new clients comes from referrals. After leveraging the internet to help people searching for what we offer find us online we started to realize that we needed to expand our offerings.

The original plan was to focus strictly on water features that were custom assembled on-site according to the owners desires. That however has changed. There are always obstacles when trying to create something and being told that it isn't as big or not as flashy as hoped for. We realized that would always be an issue which is why WaterfallNow has decided to create pre-made options like you would order from Ebay, Amazon, or from a traditional store - off the shelf and ready to go. Our water features will still require us to ship and perhaps install the features unless the buyer decides to do it themselves.

WaterfallNow prides itself in being the waterfall experts in Vancouver, Surrey, and surrounding areas. We have created waterfalls for peoples backyards in 1 million dollar homes all the way up to 15 million and we are just getting started. WaterfallNow has its sights set on making the name synonymous with garden waterfalls around the world.

What makes WaterfallNow particularily unique once again is the ability to create rock features not just outdoors but also indoors. Our blend of natural and synthetic fiberglass materials used to create the rocks combined with our artisans design experience, skill, and creativity lends to the creation of awesome projects. The combination of unique lighting, sounds of crashing water, and addition of natural or artificial plants can seemingly recreate nature as we know it.

One of our favourite parts is working with the customers that want one built on-site and deciding on the colour or type of LED lighting that will be used. It is also of course fulfilling to see the fountains finally turned on and running.

Whether you want a custom fountain, custom water feature, or custom waterfall, know that WaterfallNow will soon be putting our collection for sale from our website. You may place an order via email or by phone from our website at