Classon Industrial Services is a general industrial mecanical maintenance and construction contractor that has been a provider of welding, machine shop, maintenance, and construction services for area business and industry for more than twenty years. We have a long history of providing service for the industrial food production business. Customer support during weekends , outages, and emergency call-ins is our normall week. Fabricating machinery, guards, conveyors, transitions, process piping, stairs and platforms are the typical weekday projects.
    Since the addition of our new building and  state of the art equipment we are now expanding our services to include custom artistic sign, tile, and decorative outdoor furishings and unique displays made from stainless steel, glass, brass, aluminum, granite, tile, etc.. Examples of the design work that we can do can be seen at our new web page. Visit us now at ;  http://www.classonindustrial.com