WaterSignal stands alone in revolutionary technology with its breakthrough, wireless leak detector device that monitors your existing water meter.

By measuring each pulse of water, the WaterSignal leak detector device sends out an immediate alert when a catastrophic water leak is detected. Don’t be taken by surprise when your water bill arrives. Many leaks go undetected and can cost thousands of dollars per day, not to mention repairs if flooding occurs.

Even the smallest leaks can lead to large and costly quantities of lost water, especially if they have existed undetected for long periods of time. Understanding the nature and causes of water leaks is the first step toward practicing effective, safe and economical water management.

WaterSignal analyzes water usage over time to determine the presence of slow leaks, fixture leaks, faucet leaks, toilet leaks, pool leaks, under slab leaks and poor irrigation practices. We provide our customers with monthly water analysis reports.

Our custom dashboard provides you with up to the hour information on all your existing meters, including irrigation. You are able to view your water usage in real-time and also quickly switch views from month, week, daily and the 3am hour. We note the 3am hour due to that being the time of day of the lowest usage. If higher usage occurs, typically there is a leak.

WaterSignal will recommend repairs, fixtures and practices to help you conserve water, not waste it. For example, did you know that just by periodically inspecting and repairing toilet and faucet leaks you can reduce your water bill up to 20%?

The WaterSignal leak detector device is a high-tech low-cost solution that can save your property thousands of dollars and help you guard your budget!