The Water Walker™ Leash was inspired during a walk in the park.

The inventor of the Water Walker™ retractable leash noticed how a pleasant walk with his best friend was turning into a task. He then began to notice others on their walk, it was confirmed. Everyone had the same problem, struggling with water bottles and bowl, waste bags, snacks and we can’t forget the leash.  This ignited the spark to create the retractable Water Walker™ Leash.

The inventor decided to combine these necessities into a compact, lightweight and ergonomically friendly design, which includes a BPA FREE reusable 6oz water bottle, a BPA FREE dish, a standard role of 15 waste bags, a waste bag dispenser, a very unique safety color-coded indicator strap, a convenient wrist strap, and decorative Side Art.
The ECO friendly Water Walker™ Leash will also play a part in reducing our carbon footprint, it will aid in reducing the amount of throwaway plastic water bottles.    Pet health is very important, you wouldn’t drink from contaminated puddles that could lead to serious problems or even death, and the same standard should apply to your best friend.

During the development stages of the Water Walker™ Leash, careful consideration was paid to the concerns, fears, dangers, and sometimes even death regarding the distance that separates you and your pet on city sidewalks, and in parks etc.
We have tried to respond to some of these concerns by incorporating the world’s best-known safety colors.
Green=GO         Yellow=CAUTION      Red=STOP
These colors are located directly on the 10ft. reflective strap that is divided into three sections….
5ft.green (the recommended length)
2.5ft.yellow (caution)
2.5ft.red (hazardous)
The common recommendation is to “just bring your dog closer” with no indication of exactly what the safest distance is, now you will visibly see and know the distance between you and your pet.

Water Walker™ Leash prototypes were feature in the Inventors Corner at the International Housewares Show in Chicago, where it went before 3 panels of judges. It was chosen out of hundreds of new inventions as one of the top ten to present to Anthony Sully Sullivan. He loved the product and referred to it as the “Swiss Army of all dog leashes”. This show and the positive comments from all the judges and attendees was the proof positive that the Water Walker™ Leash could fill the void in this market.
Patent Pending