We are a new breed of vacation planner, bringing together the convenience and flexibility of a traditional travel agent with the ease and savings of a social-deal framework.  When you visit our site, you will find deals for trips to various destinations around the globe.  Within each deal, are exclusive discount offers from our Partners who operate in that location, including only the best rated hotels, restaurants, activities and more.  If you like a deal, reserve it to lock it in.  Then take up to 12 months to plan your trip, decide how many people are traveling, and to pick which offers you'd like to include, if any.  For example, you may want to include scuba diving, a few dinners, yoga and a round of golf.  All of the offers that you reserved have been locked in and will be waiting for you when you're ready to book your trip.  Once you book, you'll get a flexible itinerary, google map, and everything that you'll need to make taking your trip smooth and easy.