It's an acute ideal that is rarely present in the field of Business Development and so implementation became a must; brought to life through our actions, complemented by our words, to create a happier future for all involved.

An authentic level of intimacy shares itself freely when the above is applied. Another level of understanding is articulated through the work that is produced, making the education of even the most complex ideas clear for all to comprehend.

This is the level of positive change that motivated the creation of a company, which lives to be creative with the education of consistency in all that we do.

Experience Architecture.™

Recognising the importance of time was the first creative problem that we solved.

The creation of WTEA.™ could not be based on being free to do the same thing a different way, it had to solve why there was a need to be free in the first place.

So we looked into the work-life balance people currently have, and created an eco-system that leads with human development - the emotional core - rather than viewing people simply as members of staff.

Our Experience Architects do not compromise between their life and career goals. The time they give to WTEA.™ must aid their dreams, aspirations, and desired achievements.

Understand. Articulate. Educate.

These are the three core philosophies of our reality, with the purpose of embodying an idea to show that it can exist in the settings of every day life.

The education of any idea at that point becomes effortless.

The experience.

This is how we exercise our creative muscle, defined as an "unusual and exciting or daring".

We apply this through creative expression inside and outside of work, testing concepts to see how well people understand ideas.

This has been applied in a simple way by understanding how people look at art, changing the view of how a business meeting should feel like, or by our main practice - exploring the art within the daily interactions you have with people, and creating experiences that keep them bonded to you.

Here are a small number of stories that share the thoughts behind the experiences WTEA.™ create.