From her 40 years as a Chi Kung practitioner and master teacher, Vicki Dello Joio has developed a profound and practical system for conscious living called The Way of Joy.  Far from being a simple formula for “happiness,” this system, based on Taoist principles, offers methods for effectively accessing a source of energy or “chi” vital to our human functioning.

Scientists are now discovering that the human capacity for dealing with all aspects of our lives, including stress, conflict, health and creativity is to a significant degree, dependent on how we fuel our human energy. When we don’t access this fuel, it has a huge impact on our lives, leaving us overwhelmed, over-amped and/or exhausted.

The Way of Joy system contains a set of 9 principles and practices to build our strength with confidence in the face of conflict and other difficult life situations. Developing attitudes and skills to manage our energy, day by day, gives us better ability to protect ourselves, gain greater insight, and rejuvenate and replenish ourselves.

With better energy management, we can get to the heart of issues more quickly, communicate with greater clarity, and find deeper connections within diverse communities. This not only gives us more resources and joy in our own lives, but also higher levels of consciousness, impacting how we create understanding, respect, and cohesiveness in our personal, professional, and community relationships.