At Way of Life Fitness and Boot Camp Events, San Diego, we create totally customized life changing ONE to FIVE day Fitness and Boot Camp style events in San Diego for GROUPS of 20 or more that promises the most intense memorable & FUN experience of your life!

Our Fitness and team style events are hugely popular and trendy right now. We combine a fun workout with a networking event. People really love it!

We can custom build a fun fitness experience event from 1/2 day (4 hours) to 4 days at our beautiful Vineyard retreat just 16 miles from Downtown San Diego.

It's for all activity levels. Our trainers and coaches are world class!

Group size is from 20 to 250. We pay substantial referral commissions and discounts for large groups or companies!

I would love to collaborate together with you to see what we can do together.

Please feel free to contact me right away by email: trillions48@hotmail.com to discuss planning a get together to discuss the possibilities!

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

All the best!
Dr. Mitch Holland
CEO Way of Life Fitness Camps, Inc. (San Diego)

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Thank you and best regards,
Dr. Mitchell Holland

email: trillions48@hotmail.com

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