Gone are those days when companies used to enter data manually and employ large number of staffs for effective monitoring of internal operations. Ways Web Development took note of this issue and started working on its in house R&D ERP Platform for Real Estate Industry with skilled web developer and came out with its product  “Quantum” Real Estate. Quantum signifies infinite possibilities. Quantum means intelligence unified through various probabilities there by making it a highly skilled and professional product for the use of Real Estate Industry.
Ways Web development is an IT firm admired for its innovative products and solutions dealing  in the field of Cross Platform Mobile App Design and development, Web Design, Web Developer, Web Hosting and Digital Marketing and App Design.
Our Quantum Real Estate ERP  Product is developed and designed by web developer working in our team, after taking into account the pain points of real estate industry. We have tried to include the important modules of real estate through which one can easily cover the entire internal operations of the industry in an effective manner. This software is specifically developed for  Real Estate Builders and Developers to automated their daily operations there by making the company  process driven by efficiently utilizing time and man power.  
Modules Of Quantum ERP
     Master Setting
     Marketing
     CRM
     Sales
     Inventory
     Purchase
Some of the benefits of Quantum ERP
     Tracking  Progress Of Ongoing Projects
     Centralized Cloud Server and storage of documents
     Actively Managing Sales, Invoices & Operational issues
     Agreement, Sales Deed Documentation Automated
Real estate companies go through a longer working capital cycle. There is generally a delay in receieving payments from their customers, storing the inventory, tracking work status and updating the same to clients. Our ERP platform Quantum focuses on delivering clean and clear web design, app design, making the working capital cycle smooth and effective through automation. It also reduces the staff count and making existing staffs more effective.
Quantum ERP focuses on generating more ROI to its customers, by hiring experience web developer, there by driving their sales to new heights. More cost optimization through automation leads to better efficiency along with improved bottom-line figures and better Returns On Investment for the company.