Wayword Author Services, founded by a publishing industry professional with over 16 years of experience working for independent and major publishing houses, helps authors with book cover design, editorial, eBook formatting, web design & development, marketing, & PR. We understands the market and what it takes to make a book a bestseller.

We’ve worked for the big dogs. We know what it’s like to get lost in the corporate shuffle. And we’ve successfully self-published our own books too. That’s why we believe in indie authors and the self publishing revolution. With so many tools available, every single person that wants to can achieve their dreams to publish their own work. Let us help you do it right.

Our team of editors have many strengths and backgrounds, from the grammar nerd who sleeps with the Chicago Manual of Style to the fellow author who can help you express your unique voice through your writing. We offer quick beta reads to in-depth content development, and we are right here when you need us at any stage of your writing.

We have an eye for design. Anyone can look at a book and know it’s poorly designed, but not everyone knows how to fix it. We do. Our founder, who received her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and ran a successful independent graphic design business for the past 8 years, knows exactly what to do to fix design flaws. And with our network of illustrators we can create just the right art to bring your story to life.