The World-Class Products of KOREA are the selected products ranked among the top 5 in terms of global market share or products with high potential of advancing into the global market within 5 years.

The World-Class Products of KOREA are designated annually by Korean government to diversify and upgrade Korean export products since 2001.

Products previously selected as World-Class Products may have their status revoked if found in subsequent reviews to be failing to meet the rigorous selection standards, as part of continuing efforts to create an even stricter and more careful screening process.

The quality and reliability of Korea's World-Class Products are thus guaranteed by the Korean government. Any buyers purchasing these products can be confident of their quality, reliability, technological capabilities and marketability.

As of 2011, a total of 392 products have been selected and 352 Small-Medium Korean Manufacturers have awarded the World-Class Products Logo for their products.

KOTRA(Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), as National Trade Promotion Organization of Korean Government, recommends these top Korean World-Class Products to buyers and marketers around the world.

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