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YTB is not like any other company you’ve been a part of. Reason being—we think a little differently when making business decisions. And, it all feeds off of one simple idea—you! We know at YTB you are our greatest asset. Therefore, every business decision is made with you at heart. For us, it’s not about the bottom line. We know that by building up our people and teaching them to be the best in their field, the bottom line takes care of itself. We are powered by people and proud of it! Go ahead. Take a closer look at our company. You’ll see clearly the principles that guide every decision. It’s something that hasn’t changed since our humble beginning. When our founders first set out to build the #1 travel agency in the world, they decided to build this company the right way, in every sense of the word. They share a common vision and are focused on turning it into a reality. With your help, we’re well on our way to achieving our goal. Think about it. This is the perfect opportunity to transform your life. We have combined the powerful information handling capability of the Internet with the world’s most dynamic product—travel—with the personal touch of independent, home-based business people. But we didn’t stop at travel—Now with the addition of e-commerce, every member of our company truly offers something for everyone! By utilizing our simple strategies and techniques, we can show you how leveraging your time can generate a residual income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In fact, we’ve been helping people succeed for over 10 years. Just take a look at the facts.

40,750 Reps have earned $1,000 Bonuses Almost $5 million paid in $10,000 Bonuses Sales Director Program provided more than 230 Directors with company paid health and life insurance Almost $40 million in Director’s Pool and Bonuses Six $1 Million Bonuses More than $340,000,000 in commissions to our Travel Agents, Reps and Directors.

*Our past performance does not guarantee we will have success in the future, and not everyone who was with YTB during the past 10 years found success. Being successful in YTB requires time, effort and commitment.

As great as our first ten years were—We are just getting started! What are you waiting for? You’re in the right place this time! Come join us and change how the world travels and shops!