The real success of Avant is measured by the people who's lives we have touched. Avant strives to help others through powerful personal growth products and lucrative income opportunities. Creating positive change in your own life is the first step. As you become more aware and start to realize your dreams, you will then be inspired to help others and give back to bring positive change to the world.

Leading this movement is the creative vision of Avant Founder and CEO, Brent Payne and Partner and COO, Michael Hamburger.   Payne and Hamburger are passionate about helping people achieve their potential and bring their dreams to life.  Entrepreneurs, authors and seasoned marketers, this dynamic duo have successfully built the largest direct selling companies in the network marketing industry. Avant gives you all the tools to create that extraordinary life you deserve. For both Payne and Hamburger, their personal growth journey began well over of a decade ago, and through their knowledge, research and mentoring, they have combined all of that into an easy 72-day program teaching you to take immediate action to get real results.

Avant is transforming lives through unlimited income potential and creating new opportunities for you to share our world-class products and financial opportunities with others. It's time to start enjoying all that you are capable of creating.

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