Every day, our Business Development and Social Networking Team goes to work hoping to do two things: share great ideals with our dealer partners and help make the Automobile Industry a little wiser. Our Business Development and Social Networking concepts have always been cost efficient and effective since launching We Are BDC back in November 2005, and it’s just as efficient and effective today.

Back then, our company was a single location in Goldsboro, NC inside the home of our President/Founder Dr. Harold Elam Jr. From just a desktop computer, We Are BDC offered some of the most innovative and market changing processes and procedures, strategically designed around the automotive Industry. The name We Are BDC, was inspired by Dr. Elam, and his First BDC Team of Bad Boys, when they was employed with Central Carolina Automotive Group

From the beginning, We Are BDC set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrated the automotive industry and the rich tradition, but that also brought a real-time virtual connection. We Are BDC implemented a created science that Dr. Elam named - Systematic Concept Duplication or SCD, which is a created science for target marketing, it consist of a series of strategic processes and procedures, that all have their individual identities and already established proven functions, yet operating in sync as one concept. SCD means having a corporate strategy for ensuring that your company realizes their full potential. It is an overall strategy that begins by placing all consumers at the center of everything your company does. SCD also involves employing practical techniques and strategies that will improve all of your business processes.

Since the beginning we have remained a growing company, introducing Automotive E-marketing, Radical BDC development methods, Website True Connects, Neighborhood Dealers and most recently ASNM (Automotive Social Networking Management) all birthed from his original science SCD. Now available in 37 states through satellite offices, We Are BDC is still a virtual company with Corporate offices in Fayetteville, NC. and over 50 independent executive employees.