A historical event is taking place as ICANN; the overseeing body of the internet prepares to issue new ‘top level domains’ (TLD’s).  This multi-faceted effort will make the internet available to more countries and will create TLD’s that are more relevant to the actual sites being visited.  For instance, if you were visiting a medical website, it would make more sense if the site ended with .MED.  As it exists today, .com, .net, .org, .biz etc… do not identify sites in this manner. Not to mention, these TLD’s are running out of room for the more commonly desired domain names.  It is almost impossible to secure a domain name without a lot of creativity these days and anyone who’s ever tried to secure a domain name knows the task is daunting.

Dot One, Inc., a philanthropic internet start-up from Atlantic County, NJ has announced that it will be applying for the .ONE TLD extension.  President & CEO, Anthony Ortiz said “Dot One has developed proprietary technology that tracks internet users’ time spent online and creates donations to the charitable organizations of their choice.  In turn, participating businesses on .ONE will have the opportunity to match those contributions and double the amount of giving potential. Users will also get a check every month from Dot One, Inc. for any extra time generated.  Where else are you be able to surf the web, give and make money all in the same time? Nowhere! This novel approach will be revolutionary and Dot One will lead the way to micro-giving in a way that is long overdue.”  As ICANN’s president, Rod Beckstrom would say “ONE World, ONE Internet, with everyONE connected.”

Dot One, Inc. is working with Minds + Machines of Santa Monica, CA as its registry service provider.  Minds + Machines, whose Espresso registry platform is based on CoCCA, the most widely implemented registry software worldwide, is also providing consulting assistance with the ICANN application and registry startup process.  "So far Minds + Machines have shown the kind of professionalism and integrity that is absent in many business environments today.  I am confident in my decision to work with them and look forward to a seamless turnkey solution in securing the .ONE web address.” said Ortiz. 

The company has also entered into a fiscal sponsorship/incubation agreement with We, The World, a New York City 501c3 non-profit organization, founded in 1998.  It includes world-influential supporters like Nobel Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra and many others whose mission is “To maximize social change until WE have a world that works for all.”  According to WE’s founder, Rick Ulfick “We are grateful for ICANN’s decision and effort to open new TLD extensions to very much needed domains like .ONE and .ECO. We hope to attract humanitarian & environmental organizations like ONE.ORG and Dot Eco, LLC to join us in this monumental effort of uniting the internet community in a big philanthropic way”.  Dot Eco, LLC is covering the environmental space and we will support them in their efforts.