These are just some of the reasons why one of our Licensed Public Adjuster should become a member of your team as soon as possible. Maximize Claims will:
    Have one of our Licensed Public Adjusters meet with you immediately to investigate the nature and cause of your loss
    Analyze your insurance policy from start to finish
    Explain to you your rights under the policy you have paid for
    Assess and quantify all claims, damages and repair or replacement costs to which you are entitled under the policy
    Immediately commence negotiations on your behalf with the insurance company’s adjuster to Maximize your Claim and
    Re-open negotiations with the insurance company’s adjuster if you already have settled the claim in order to Maximize your Claim.

It is important that you stand up for your rights at a time of great loss.  By doing so, under the law your insurance company cannot cancel your policy, nor can it increase your premium when you simply attempt to collect that which is yours.
Since the insurance company has its own agent looking out for its best interests, you should have a Licensed Public Adjuster to assure that you Maximize your Claim.  And remember, we’re not entitled to any compensation unless we Increase your Return!
For a free consultation, Call Us Today: 888-999-9068, or submit your information through our website. Either way, one of our Licensed Public Adjusters will contact you within 24 hours to better understand your loss.