Hebei Shida Seal Group Co., Ltd. is an ISO/TS 16949 certified manufacturer of standard & custom rubber weather-strips, moldings, rubber extrusions, extruded rubber sealing profiles, trim seals, gaskets and molded rubber products. Since its inception in 1983, we have been focusing on improving our quality management systems and have built our reputation through designing, developing and manufacturing sealing systems and precision molded rubber parts for automotive and other industries to suit customer specific requirements. Now Hebei Shida Seal Group is a preferred partner of automotive OEM’s, tier 1 automotive suppliers and aftermarket parts brands.

We have diversified production capabilities: rubber & plastic extrusion, co-extrusion, compression molding, injection molding, splicing, corner molding, taping, flocking, anti-friction spray-on coating, extruded slip-coating, punching, notching, drilling, etc. Materials we can deal with are EPDM dense and sponge, NBR, silicone rubber, Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV), PVC.

As a major and dependable supplier of extruded and molded products in China, we continually invest in people, equipment and technologies to manufacture high-quality parts that satisfy customers. We focus on automotive industry and products cover nearly all the rubber weather strips for vehicles: primary and secondary door seals, flocked glass run channels for window, inner and outer belts, door belt moldings, windscreen weather strips & moldings, auto glass universal moldings, hood seals, trunk seals, roof line rubber seals,and quarter window vent seals. Experience and expertise in mixing, extruding and molding rubber enable us to serve customers in more industries like commercial vehicle, mass transportation, building and construction, industrial enclosure, electric appliance, HVAC&R, and energy industry. More custom products range from EPDM solid rubber extrusions, sponge rubber profiles, co-extruded dual durometer profiles, bulb trim seals, clip-on sealing profiles, edge trims, self-adhesive rubber profiles, to wiring harness rubber grommets, molded air intake hoses, rubber caps,pads, boots, bellows, bumpers, stoppers, seals, and gaskets.

Our quality management system is ISO/TS 16949 certified and we pursue continuous business improvement by emphasizing defect prevention and reducing variation and waste in the supply chain, and strive for best practice in the automotive rubber parts industry. Hebei Shida Seal Group put you – our valued customer – at the heart of all our business activities. Our goal is to supply the right parts at cost-effective prices on time, every time. Whether you need a extruded or molded rubber part, we are equipped with the right people, knowledge and experience to meet your requirements.

Look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the future!

More about us:

1. Rubber Mixing:
The rubber compounds division of Hebei Shida Seal Group excels in developing and producing custom material formulations to manufacture extruded and molded rubber products to suit customers’ needs. At our facility, there are 1 internal mixer(dispersion kneader) , 3 open mills and 1 automated mixing lines for the mixing of rubber(mainly EPDM rubber).

To avoid premature vulcanization, a two-stage mixing process is employed:
♦ Stage A: CMB (Carbon Master Batch) production
Mix rubber polymer, non-vulcanizing ingredients like carbon black,silica, softener, plasticizer and process oil physically in the internal mixer.

♦ Stage B: FMB (Finish Master Batch) production
After Stage A mixing has been completed and time for cooling has been allowed, Stage B mixing is carried out in which curatives(vulcanizing agents) like sulfur, accelerators, peroxides into CMB(Carbon Master Batch)

2. Rubber Extruding:
Hebei Shida Seal Group is equipped with state-of-the-art continuous microwave and hot air vulcanization lines. Extruding rubber and plastic is our key strength.
♦ Mono-component rubber extrusions production line: 2 lines
♦ Multi-component (2, 3, 4) rubber extrusion production line: 2 lines
♦ TPE/TPV extrusion production line: 1 line

3. Rubber Molding:
Hebei Shida Seal Group is equipped with 40 rubber vulcanizing presses and 20 rubber injection machines to meet the various needs for custom molded rubber products from automotive OEM’s and tier 1 suppliers. We are dedicated to supplying high performance custom molded rubber products.
Rubber molding capabilities:Compression Molding and Injection Molding

Hebei Shida Seal Group is your one-stop source for rubber sealing solutions!