ACTIVE ONLINE LIMITED - A bit about us:-

We provide real support.

We answer the phone.  We never go missing or use third parties to provide customer service and support. You are given direct contact details for all team members including a mobile number for your account manager. At least one team member is always available. It's part of our Support Promise.

We're affordable.

When you add up our input to your project and what we deliver  - we undeniably offer more value than any nearest competitor. You have to consider all things such as design quality, rapid application development, availability, marketing advice and support and full deployment assistance as well as price. There is a cost to "cheap web development and support" - don't find out the hard way.

We have a great team.

Skill and experience runs deep within our small team. This means a better customer experience for you. We take painstaking care in interview and assessment to hire the most talented individuals available and we work hard to keep our team together.

In business since 2000 AD.

We've been in the web development business for over 8 years.  Our stability and experience matters.

Up-to-date development capability

As the web has changed, so have the requirements and demands of our business customers. Faster turn-around cycles, responsive design, cost effective marketing and continuous research built on working experience is what we offer. We are a true  Web 2.0 design company.

Recognised quality.

Year on year our skills have developed to the point that we now provide a very high level of design flair, development skill and production competence equal to and often exceeding our peers. Our work speaks for itself, but has also been recognised by our peers recently at the Irish Web Awards 2008.


Like all successful development companies we  focus on innovating for our customers. However from time to time we like to push the envelope a little, demonstrate our ability and stretch ourselves. Our latest home grown innovation is a full Web 2.0 Saas service available at  BookMeetingRoom.com. Check it out.

We rise to the challenge.

Just like all companies building complex projects, we are sometimes faced with problems. When something unexpected happens to change the focus or specification of a project, we rise to the challenge and provide solutions and active management to assist our customers work through the issues every step of the way until a working solution is found..