WebFluent.Me is a website for entrepreneurs that teaches them how to build Web businesses that work.  It is lead by Nelson Bates.

Nelson Bates 37, is a #1 best-selling business Author, 16-year Web Entrepreneur, Instructor at Udemy™ and founder of some of the Web's most successful businesses.

In the last 12-months he's released his new best-selling book 'Web Fluent' launched his controversial "The Provocateur Project" campaign.(warning R-rated.) and created the inspiring Entrepreneur Motto Stickers™.

His first book Best Website: Simple Steps to Successful Websites (2008) has been an Amazon paperback best-seller for two-years running and even hit #1 on the Kindle best-seller list.

He's best known for giving specific advice for how to build Web businesses that work.   He is an expert Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Web Marketer.

In 1995 Nelson pioneered the web marketing industry with the original Internet Marketing Center™ website.  In 2000 he was hired as the lead Web Master for Walt Disney World®.  

In 2002 he launched his own web design company, Blue Aspen Web Design™(sold) that he built into the Web's largest design company at the time with 86 designers.

In 2003 he invented the Web's most-used Website Appraisal™ system to value internet companies and built BuySellWebsite® LLC(sold) into the world's largest marketplace to buy-and-sell Web businesses.

In 2007 he started his current company BestWebsite® LLC that teaches others how-to build successful Web businesses of their own and he also creates innovative products for entrepreneurs.