Weblona is a premium UK based Modern Online Web Development companies formed with a vision to transform the current process of Web Design & Development making it much simpler and more affordable .Our main aim is to ease this current process of Web Design and Development for individuals, small- Medium and Startup Business at the same time making these services easily affordable to all segments of the Society.

We strongly Believe that during these times of growing Internet sales (Billions of Dollars) each year apart from Medium and Large Organizations there are innumerable number of individuals, small startups Businesses and Young Entrepreneurs who are unable to avail this opportunity due to various factors like cost of developing Quality E-commerce platform  like on an average most of the Web Development companies charge more than $10k-$20k to develop a Ordinary E-commerce trading platform. At the same time this process is quite complex where you have to constantly engage with a design and development team and takes about 45days -60days , finally in majority of the cases its not the system what client wanted or while in other cases the clients needs to pay to the development company more than what it was agreed to deliver the system.

Weblona is a one stop solution to all these problems -Probably the first and the only Web Development company which sells ready made and LIVE Websites on SEO Oriented  Fancy Domains where you browse and select a Fancy domain according to your business,browse available designs, select a websites based on its design, features and pay only what you see.A Simple process which is really quick (24hrs),no confusion,saves enormous amount of time,hassle and more importantly it is almost at 80% less than what a Web development company will charge you! In short I would say- What you see is Exactly what you get and what you pay! Can't be any simpler isn't.

Well its is no way similar to the Commercial Themes available in the market where one design, layout and images get sold to thousand of customers. Our Design promise to all customers- we never sell the same design,images etc.Never the two design sold by us will be similar.Inshort  here at Weblona there is 1 Domain-1 Store-1 Design and only 1 owner as simple as that ! So you can shop with Confidence, You Brand name is Safe with us!

Weblona provides Web Development and Design Services at the most affordable prices but during these we never compromise with the quality of work or Service standards. We have high Service standards like offering a 24*7 Technical Support ,Respond to queries in as less than 3 hrs , no matter what the problem is and what the time is - we will start to work on your technical issues as soon as its brought into our notice.Our majority of the Websites are based highly advanced and customizable  Open Source Platforms like Magento, Drupal  with maximum possibilities of extension ones your business get going and reaches those Billions of pounds of turn over which we wish it should !

Weblona is a unique and alltogether a innovative platform which is all capable to transform the current Web Design and Development Market. Neither we are a traditional Web development company to charge you thousands of dollar in the name of Service , Design and Support nor we are a Marketplace to trade websites of high risk,charge you with commissions and other fees- often these kinds of Marketplaces are also not secure from customers point of view also they take no responsibility to deal with the technical issues and other complications arising there after, no take responsibility of the transactions between the Buyers and sellers and what incase the Business you buying spending thousand of dollars, allready have a bad name,illegitimate transactions - although it ranks on Googles First page or have a high page rank ! So at Weblona, there is total peace of mind. We promise to serve you with a Brand new Websites , on a brand new Seo friendly Domain name , on which you can work a little bit like SEO,Link Building etc to create your own Brand which you can trust,expand and rely upon.Doesn't this sound a totally secure and long term Business plan to rely on.

Currently located in United Kingdom with its development annd Technical support centres, Over the couple of years Weblona is looking for massive expansions with Offices in all major Countries starting from USA -California to  China and India .

A Part from all positive attributes as discussed Weblona also offers Excellent Business Advice, Remarkable Support to help your Online Business get going like Backend support for store at highly competitive prices, Free Business Development advice,Newsletters,SEO tips and lot more .

I wish you all the best for your E-commerce Business and wish you a great sucess.

Kind Regards,

Directors/Stakeholders Weblona.com