Web Motivation launched...

After 6 months of research in a small-medium business environment, I have found that despite constant changes in technology and the web, business owners lacked motivation to either get online or influence the way they currently promote themselves on the web. Based on that conclusion I have launched Web Motivation and created a Web Wheel to help simplify and empower the world of web for small-medium sized businesses.

Specifically what I found:

•     83% of those people surveyed were not motivated by their website

•     82% did not know if their website was backed up regularly and what their hosting providers actually did for them

•     85% could not find their website on Google and did not know how many people had visited their website in the last month

•     92% did not have a video on their website and thought video websites like YouTube were for the younger demographic

•     95% did not have a mobile phone friendly website

On the back of these findings I have created Web Motivation:

My vision was to create a web experience that motivates small-medium sized business owners and their web visitors. I have created a product out of their lack of motivation and fear of changing their web world or creating a new one. The unique approach of Web Motivation is to use a mentoring methodology to help businesses reduce, if it applies to them, the high percentage results (above) that I discovered in my research. My Web Wheel (visit www.web-motivation.co.uk) was created on the back of these results, and highlights the key steps to promoting a business online.

With more people using the web and mobile phones to search for local businesses, Web Motivation’s purpose is to take the uncertainty and fear away. Creating a web experience that motivates businesses and their web visitors.

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