\If you are looking to drive traffic to a website or promote an online business then Webokane could be the perfect match for you.

Webokane provides  a unique multi-functional platform that sells lead , marketing services and offers a robust marketing platform and CRM tool that helps you build any online business.
Launching July 15th a company Webokane pronounced Web-Oh-Kon-Eee welcome entrepreneurs of all ages , background and experience level to become part of an innovative business that enables you to earn a full-time or part-time income by simply sharing your personalized Webokane site with people.

Webokane currently offers three membership levels ranging from bronze at the low price of only $22, the Silver plan for $40 and the Gold plan for $100.

This is a ground-floor opportunity and when it comes to the internet marketing arena , we all know that “timing can be everything”.

The founder & owner of Webokane is Dillon Kreider a seasoned vet in the network marketing industry with roughly twenty years of experience. You can join their facebook group and see that much of the member base seem to respect Dillon very much and he is a very personable, hands-on owner.

Webokane has future plans of adding a store plug-in to their website , which will display all the digital products with resell rights currently offered in the Silver package allowing Silver affiliates to earn 100% of the profits sold from their websites.

The gold plan is a fast-filling 2x11 company and personal forced matrix that pays out over $20,000+ when full! Right now you can secure a TOP position and join this innovative platform before the masses!

Webokane Staff
July 12th, 2017