Headed by Michael D Gorman, Web Star Services was founded in response to the need for professional level services for established business owners to leverage the opportunities created by the online space. With 3.5 billion daily users the internet represents an unprecedented market, this is further bolstered by an expected growth to 5 billion by 2017. Business can no longer ignore the need to promote online, with traditional modes of marketing returning less value than ever as a result of the mass acceptance of online media, and reduction in global use of TV, Radio, Newspapers & Magazines.
The agency offers services in four core areas of online activity:
1. Website builds & modifications
2.Social Media account management
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. Digital Advertising
These core areas represent the primary means that business can use to effectively promote themselves to the online community. The agency offers the opportunity for select customers to attain significant results without needing to build a marketing department in-house.
Web Star Services essentially operates as a partner to client business. The typical client profile of the agency is already trading successfully but seeking to scale up and maximize the significant leverage that digital marketing can provide. Industries already served by the agency include: Plumbing, Legal, Musical Personalities, Premium Manufacturers, Jewelers, Financial Services.
Clients are usually offered a low-cost entry service to prove effectiveness and build trust.
Each core area of service is headed by a seasoned expert in that activity, clients are kept informed and provided with regular reporting, enabling scale of service and transparency.
Web Star Services is international in scope, but operates from Australia with associates living in the U.K & USA & Europe.