The SEO Process

In order to make this as clear to the reader as possible, I will now provide an insider look at the SEO processes that I will be using when I am hired by you, my trusted and loyal client, to advertise and promote your site on the Internet. There is nothing complicated about this process; however, it should be noted here that each and every step must be carefully and fully implented in order to achieve page one rank on high traffic keywords and phrases.





Should a website be required, Butch Hamilton is more than competent in the area of website, forum and blog creation. Domain names, hosting and other vital services can, and will be provided at additional expense. the new site, or sites created will be the finest work of digital mastery possible. Often times, people may THINK they have a great site, when it is nothing more than aesthetic appeal. Hamilton goes inside the site to discover, arrange and manipulate both HTML coding and PHP coding to make it proper for the promoting process.