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From Bankrate, to How Stuff Works, to Forbes Magazine,
The Experts are talking more and more and Rent to Own and Lease Purchase Homes.
Those in the Know, are publicly declaring the viability and plain good sense for both the  seller
and the buyer, RTO and Lease Purchasing brings viable results against an Obaconomy.
Just a few years ago, you hardly ever heard the term “rent to own” in a market where homeowners had multiple bids from which to choose. But now, with so many homes languishing on the market, it’s a different ballgame. Homeowners are more willing to work out rent-to-own agreements, even with people who would be turned down for home loans.

Who We Are:
We are NOT Agents….

We are Local Residents, Living in Colorado Springs.
This is our home and it is our intention to aid the recovery of our local housing market and our local economy, one homeowner at a time.

We are Entrepreneurs. Private Real Estate Investors with more than twenty years experience in this industry.

We have been through it all, the good times and the bad.
The increased economy under Clinton that our homes escalate in value as they have in no other time before.  The resulting equity lines followed by downplussed market recession.

We have seen it all.  We Understand The Industry, The Issues and Solutions
We understand the pride of ownership and the frustration of defeat.

We understand, not only the situation, We Understand You
And we are here to help.

Joseph Derosa – Founder
and the BuyOwner-Rent2Own.com team.

For wishful homebuyers with checkered credit histories, it’s a homebuying option worth considering, says Sam Tamkin, a real estate attorney in Chicago. “You may be unable to qualify for a loan right now, but there are sellers who may be willing to consider renting to you with an option to purchase later.”

“If you’ve had your house on the market for a while, this transaction could let you move while having someone in your house generating cash flow for your mortgage,” says Ron Phipps, president-elect of the Washington D.C.-based National Association of Realtors.