Compassion Advocacy Network is a public charity as defined under IRS Code 501 (c) (3) dedicated exclusively for the purposes of providing charitable and educational services and funding to disadvantaged and at-risk populations with an emphasis on residents of nursing homes, rehabilitative centers and children.

Through our "Operation "Sweet" heart™ program, we conduct monthly visits and friendship relations are established through 1 to 1 visitations with residents.  When required, we will document each visit and provide the activity director with a written report. This service benefits the facility because it helps to show which residents have been visited and how they reacted.

Through our Neighborhood Outreach Works™ program we take children on excursions into the community.  Each excursion is designed to build friendship relationships, broaden horizons and increase each child’s awareness of their own potential.  We provide the transportation, admission fees and a meal. These excursions are essential in aiding us to break the cycle of inner city neighborhood ('hood') isolationism, broaden the children's experience to include the greater community, and increase their awareness of their own potential.