Musselman's Online Publishing launched their first website, www.Low-Budget-Fairy-Tale-Weddings.com, in 2008 to provide information to couples to help them plan their fairytale weddings on the lowest budget possible, offering ideas and tips as alternatives high cost retail options, the first of which is starting early to allow enough time for do-it-yourself projects for the most savings.

Realizing that many couples are looking for more unique and individualized wedding favors, which are often one of the highest cost items for a wedding, www.Wedding-Favor-Bookmarks.com was created and launched in 2010 as an alternative choice to the retail "cookie-cutter" favors on the market today.  Her more than 80 unique designs are fully customizable and allow couples to further express themselves or blend wedding favors into the theme of their weddings without going over their budgets.