First things first let me introduce myself, Hi I’m Laura and I’m the CREATIVE one.

My parents always said never talk to strangers, so as we’re not anymore I can tell you the WedgeWelly story.

It all began one Saturday night, beer in hand, Glastonbury on TV and the rest of the WedgeWelly family on the sofa. There are 3 of us in total, Mike, Sarah and myself.

I remember well, V Festival was the topic of conversation, me and Sarah were all wrapped up in fashion, frantically discussing what to wear, hair, and footwear.

So in this moment during an alcohol fuelled conversation about much loved high heals and rubber wellys, WedgeWelly was born.

Our WedgeWelly boots have been designed with festivals in mind, the surface patterns are inspired by this season’s trends, and our wedge design acts as a cushion, offering extra comfort (we know only too well how painful it can be wearing your wellys all weekend!).

So go on girls, check out the new rubber for her pleasure - a welly for a festival, a welly for the 21st century.