Weighing Lab is a platform where we connect TRAINEES with FITNESS COACHES.

TRAINEES are the ones who are looking for expert guidance so that they can either lose weight or gain weight and transform their bodies for the better.

FITNESS COACHES are those experts who would help TRAINEES achieve their required goals. They are the ones who are experts in their respective fields of training and nutrition. Yoga Gurus, Gym Trainers, CrossFit Trainers, Pilates Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Dietitians, etc.

Trainees can choose which fitness coach they want to work with while relaxing at their homes. Further, with mutual agreement, the two parties can decide how much time they want to allocate to the personalized training, the time at which the training will take place, the number of days they want to work together in a week, fees of that coach, and other details.

All these things will help trainees attain their weight loss/gain goals within the stipulated time.