Sandi Thompson and Solutions Through Nutrition are located in Eugene, Oregon.  Her company vision is “Improving how America eats, one dining room table at a time.”  If your food plan needs a makeover so you can be more healthy and productive or your family is suffering from poor eating habits and you don’t know what to do next, Solutions Through Nutrition will prioritize and strategize your lifestyle changes so that your health will benefit.
Stop the denial that things will get better - next year. Get out of those sweatpants and into your jeans! Start shopping in the ‘skinny’ end of your closet. Sandi Thompson and Solutions Through Nutrition will help you accomplish your healthy weight management goals.

As a certified wellness coach and nutritional therapy practitioner, NTP, Sandi is well qualified to help with most aspects of nutritional deficiency and dietary improvement. Whether it is an individual, a family, a small business or large corporation, simplified nutritional education that is practical, affordable, and easy to implement are the hallmarks of Solutions Through Nutrition.

Sandi Thompson serves clients nationally in the U.S. and abroad. Through weekly teleconference coaching her eight-week Healthy Weight Management Solution program covers every aspect of coaching needed to learn, implement and maintain good nutritional practices that will take weight off and keep it off. This educational program is ideal for people who have tried everything to drop weight, yet seem to be fighting an unbeatable battle.

With sound detoxification principles that leave the body healthier and the mental processes clearer, Solutions Through Nutrition guides clients using individualized food plans and coaching. Read what some of her raving fans have to say:

Mary W. Eugene, Oregon - What you do really makes a difference for people so keep it up!

Kathleen Gage, Internet Marketing Advisor - Sandi Thompson has been coaching me with her  program for a little less than one month. In that time I have seen incredible changes – all positive. My energy has increased tremendously, my “middle age” joints are feeling younger every day, my focus and clarity are increasing and best of all I am wearing a pair of jeans I have not been able to wear in a long time. Sandi’s coaching style is one of compassion and caring coupled by an incredibly high knowledge base.

Missy Bystrom, Irvine, California - This is the VERY BEST weight loss and health program I have done in my entire life! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. I feel happy, energetic, and completely balanced in all areas! Thank you Sandi!

Jim Torrey, former Eugene Mayor - I have battled to control my weight my whole adult life. I would strongly recommend Sandi Thompson if you are in need of a weight loss coach. She has proven to be a positive source of advice, using a common sense approach, suited to my needs. I have lost weight with her help.