Mark Andre Colbert
Design Principle
Sterling Group Product Development
Design industry
1992 – Present

- We have a broad range of product design talent ranging from skilled engineers to "blue-sky-thinking" artisans!
- We bring product ideas to fruition through sketches, prototypes, computer models, rapid prototyping, and animation.
- Always looking for New Product ventures and Invention Collaboratives.
- We also search to use newly developed processes to efficiently manufacture products from wire form to plastic molding technologies.
- On the illustration end, we have been succeeding at custom murals and wallpaper-supergraphics on a corporate level.
- Did we mention, we love what we do and this enthusiasm shines bright in all areas of creative development.

Mark spends some time in his metal shop where he can torch, bend, weld, and shape metal into original works from candy dishes to wall sconces. Illuminated pieces, activated by sound or motion are called “VOLT-METAL”. Other pieces fall under the heading: “WELDEDWORKS”. He pulls metals from old buildings and factories, remnants of the great American steel industry here in New England. Then he 'RE-makes, RE-builds, and RE-shapes' them into small art pieces, holding secrets of manufacturing days gone by. “It's exciting to know that someone may have a piece on display, and those materials, speak silently of their forgotten life stories - These are RECYCLED STEEL OBJECTS... more at: www.weldedworks.com. Although I personally hold a place in my heart for the great machines of American Industry … we must move on, solve our problems efficiently, and not just think green, rather we should all become a little more chartreuse!”

Mark believes all product successes stem from a team of talent – His award winning ventures for Dymo, Motorola, and Eukanuba are collaborative efforts – “Tunnel vision doesn’t work - You can’t go it alone, bringing a product to market”, he states when meeting with first-time inventors; “We’ll customize the team based on your requirements, create an efficient time line, point you in the right direction, and provide you with the ammunition required to make and sell your idea – this is how we turn thought into reality”