Well Being Weight Loss Center, differs from the competition because our program is run by someone who has firsthand knowledge of how it feels & what it’s like to lose a large amount of weight (170 pounds) as well as to lose the last 10- 15 pounds. Our program is physician supervised. Dr. Holland meets with all patients as well as being available to provide weekly follow up.

We are successful because we run our program as if we are all family. Losing weight is not only physical it’s also emotional. Our clients are treated with love, respect, kindness & understanding. We care about our clients and are committed to seeing them succeed in their weight loss goals.

A newsletter is sent out weekly filled with updated information on nutrition & exercise, along with emotional support. A favorite with the clients are the tried and true recipes that are printed out and kept for future use or forwarded to friends and family. We are passionate about weight loss and it comes through from the first time you give us a call or walk through our front door.