WellinTech U.S. company located in South California Torrance City. Our company provide free sales and technical support for our customer who need SCADA software solutions. We do provide free training, free technical support and free trial version software.

Our engineers are experienced in industrial automation filed, and will provide you the solution consultant services for your entire control system.

We are looking now looking for more distributors in America, Canada, and all over the world. Looking forward to working together with you soon.

The headquarter has R&D center in Beijing, China.  It has set up over 20 regional offices in China, and also has representation in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Europe.  WellinTech has become a leading global software development company which specializes in Automation and Control fields.  WellinTech offers powerful HMI SCADA software, Industrial Historical database and total solutions for real-time information system.

WellinTech is active in metallurgy, power, water and wastewater, oil & gas, automotive, transportation, food & beverage, aerospace, facilities, manufacturing and many other industries.  

Wellintech is a member of OPC Foundation, and has worked with many manufactures such as Siemens, GE, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc. We now have developed more than 3,500 drivers for all different types of devices.

WellinTech will walk with you all the way to Your Success!