I'm an Emcee. I'm a Producer. I'm a Photographer. I'm a Graphic & Web Designer. I used to be known as Inkwell the Biologic of Artists Over Industry.

I am disgusted with most of the current trends in the world.

I feel problems cannot exist without solutions. I feel people have known about the solutions for thousands of years, yet they have been supressed in favor of monetary profit. I get frustrated with society. I treat written word as a secondary being. Even if writing, I'm still talking to you.. my erratic use of capitalization and puncuation are proof positive.

The closest thing to organized religion i subscribe to is taoism, which in itself is more a school of though than a religion. I find my center within its concepts of yin and yang and universal harmony. I started out as an emcee.. then needed beats.. so i started producing.. then i needed photos.. so i started taking photos.. then i needed flyers and websites.. so i started doing graphic and web design.

I have released a bunch of independent hip hop albums with a number of talented people; Apollo's Sun, El*A*Kwents, windchILL, GARD, Joe Cyrus, Repeat Offenders, Phynite, 8Bza, the visiting, just to name a few.

I've performed with such acts as Method Man, The Pharcyde, KRS-ONE, Hieroglyphics, Inspectah Deck, and Louis Logic to name a few. Sorry for that, I gotta get my SEO game up. Now back to the story... you can find just about all of the albums i've been on the Music Page for free full length download.

I also dabble in the world of photography and the realm of graphic design. Initially these arts were secondary to my music, but they now find themselves sharing the same burner as music. I've been doing them almost as long as music now and have decided to make my photographs and digital collages available for purchase online at WellisFool.Zenfolio.com.