Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, considered by his peers in the martial arts as a Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung-Fu, is 75 years of age.  He was the technical adviser and co-star of the series Kung Fu.

Dr. Yuen is an action leader. This is not about theory. It is about action: Immediate Results.

The IMMEDIATE RESULTS  are primarily based on his background in Engineering Science and Technology.

Physical structures, and the physical and nonphysical factors such as mental, emotional and psychological causes of symptoms can be easily changed over the phone, and with callers during a radio show. These changes will be immediately noted by all recipients. None of the improvement is based on belief, faith or positive emotions. Surprisingly he has found that you can do this also for your children, parents, grandparent and pets without speaking to them or being in physical proximity. We can all do this!

He also is a well-known author:
•     Delete on the Spot Stress and Pain, which gained #1 on Amazon Bestseller List.
•     Instant Healing
•     Instant Rejuvenation
•     Instant Pain Elimination

Dr. Yuen has presented at thousands of speaking engagements and workshops throughout the world and directed countless people to experience immediate results without physical touch, verbalization or a need of translation.

Dr. Yuen introduces the Science of Immediate Results, the Science of Physio-Psychology, and the Science of Happiness, which all humans can utilize at this juncture of our human history.  We are more educated and more intelligent now. There is no need of curing, healing or prolonged treatments of any life afflictions. This isn’t mere philosophy it is results driven.

Some well-known celebrities you may recognize who have consulted with Dr. Yuen include Coretta Scott King, Stevie Wonder, Dick Gregory, Robert Deniro, David and Keith Carradine, Morgan Fairchild, Stacey Keach, Seal, Steven Seagal, Sinbad, The Jackson Five, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield, Dan Millman, Chuck Norris, Louise Hay, Michael Beckwith.
From the LA Dodgers: Maury Wills, Manager Dave Roberts, Shawn Green and Adrián Beltré.

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