WellnessLiving was founded in Toronto, Ontario by two entrepreneurial spirits with roots in the fitness industry. Unsatisfied using the only software available at the time, and unwilling to settle for a mediocre product to run their business, they saw this gap as an opportunity, and set off on the ambitious journey to build their own solution. Countless hours were spent with other business owners gathering user requirements and listening to their frustrations, which led to the inception of WellnessLiving.

Our solution is a highly intuitive, all-in-one business management platform, equipped with a suite of invaluable marketing tools. Extreme ease of use and feature richness are just some of the principles that WellnessLiving is built on. Designed with the user experience in mind, we align our development goals with those of our clients’; to help them grow their business and revenue through automation and client engagement.

WellnessLiving is continuously championing in product development and innovation by listening to our customers, and operating with a growing team of talented and dedicated members. It is rapidly carving its way to becoming the preferred business management solution in the fitness, health and wellness space, currently with over 3.8 million users worldwide.