Well Water Thinking is a Christian ministry dedicated to seeing the next generation of Christians walking in the fullness of their identity in Christ.

The ancient world revolved around wells, and people have always built their lives around water. Wells represent society’s natural gathering place and are the lifeblood of civilization. Wells are where life and culture start. It is Well Water Thinking‘s desire to see the Church become a deep well for society, by asking these questions:

How can the community of faith best serve the world? What does the world around us need, and how can we provide it? What can we do to invest into culture, to make our culture more excellent, and, therefore, to gain a voice in society? How can we partner with organizations outside of the church walls to make the world better?

Well Water Thinking exists to reach the next generation of the world with the radical love of God, and it exists to be a sounding board for answers to the questions listed above.

A Master’s student of philosophy at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Bobby Howard’s passion is pouring grace into the lives of young adults and university students. Bobby’s first book, The Father’s Heart: Another Exodus, addresses the disconnect between the Millennial generation and the American Church. It is a message about Christian identity written to the twenty-something population, and it addresses the deep-seated issues of religious shame that cripple young people. Drawing from Bobby’s experiences with Christianity, The Father’s Heart pushes the Christian message away from religion and toward grace.

Bobby is an author, speaker, teacher, and worship leader, and he lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Christian Life Cathedral of Fayetteville is his home.