Where Did We Go Wrong? is an earnest, thought-provoking, self-reflective and deep-seeded, soul-searching look into the stillness of progress--and sometimes complacency--that continuously plagues African Americans, particularly Detroit, Michigan. Using the backdrop of his hometown, author and Detroit native Charles A. Bell opens his heart to challenge dialogue in exploring such problems and issues on the topics of education, incarceration, employment, and political negligence and absenteeism that overshadow African American progress. Bell ponders such questions as why are some blacks still uneducated, under-educated, poor, or otherwise ill-prepared for today's societal demands? Why do we accept a system in which our children are not successful? Why are African Americans unemployed in such high numbers? Why does a glass ceiling still exist for women in some professions, despite equal education attainment? How are you preparing your children for economic challenges they may face as adults? Bell's purpose is twofold--his book offers a keen look at challenges from the Civil Rights Era to present day, though not simply to criticize, but to mobilize a force to the resounding challenge that CHANGE begins TODAY.
-- Professor Cynthia E. Thomas (August 2, 2012)