"We Stand" is a nonprofit organization established to combat the crisis of bullying by teaching self-defense, self-acceptance, and self-reliance.  We Stand to erase bullying by providing kids and families with tools needed to heal, empower, and thrive.  As a new nonprofit our aim is to enlist support and use our resources to make a substantial positive difference in the lives affected by bullying and domestic violence.
Our mission is to empower individuals to stand up against intimidation, harassment, and abuse.

By teaching practical basic skills we create foundations that will help to develop upstanding, healthy individuals and families.  As a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, we accomplish this by first offsetting the cost of training for those in need.  We address not simply the immediate self- defense need but the further reaching needs of self-determination and self-reliance.  We Stand to build the whole person.

The Centers for Disease Control classifies bullying as a public health issue along with child abuse, elder abuse and intimate partner abuse.  According to the CDC 1 in 5 students report being bullied at school annually.  1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are victims of intimate partner violence.  More than 16000 workers were victims of workplace violence in 2016.  It seems that we as a society are becoming more violent and less prone to patience, tolerance and compassion.   This public health issue is rapidly becoming a public health crisis.  In the face of this growing crisis We Stand to show that we are better.  WE STAND to help those who are most vulnerable. We Stand so that others may stand with self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-reliance.

WE STAND to provide everyone with proper training to stand on their own.

Our goal is to partner with like-minded organizations and individuals to teach self-defense, martial arts, life skills, and social skills. We target at-risk and vulnerable members of our community at little or no cost, thereby, erasing the damaging effects of bullying and abuse.

What can you do to help? You can support, so that WE STAND together!

WE STAND is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization.