As a family looking for support, information, and advice as you select a school for your student, our website will begin to introduce you to Westlake Prep.
At each 'click' of a button, you will discover just how truly unique and exciting being a Westlake Prep student is.

In 1995, Westlake Prep was established on three important foundations: an enriched fully accredited and educationally sound curriculum that leads each student to their academic and personal success, a superior faculty of professionals who sincerely care about their students and respect every student's efforts, and a family support system which keeps parents informed and involved with their child's progress at Westlake Prep.

We also decided that Westlake Prep would emphasize excellence not only in academics, but in athletics, the arts, and activities, on and off campus that promote positive social experiences, personal growth, and community service.

Today, our school has grown and diversified its academic programs to meet the needs of an extensive range of students and families. To reach each of our students’ goals, the school is organized into three proven and successful educational pathways; Westlake Preparatory, serving college bound students by insuring academic success now, in college and in their career goals beyond. Our Summit Point Program, supporting students that need some additional academic support to achieve success now and reach their personal goals, and The Westlake Academy , serving special needs students by challenging minds and nurturing spirits in the safe, positive environment of our Academy Campus.  

We invite you to visit our school, tour the campus, meet our students, parents and faculty and see firsthand what makes Westlake Prep an exciting school community.