Launched in 2000, Boston-based WEST provides a powerful forum and supportive environment for early and mid-career women in the fields of science and technology. We provide our members and our broader community with a comprehensive portfolio of workshops and panels that include advice regarding career advancement, alternate career options, leadership skill building, and exposure to entrepreneurship. WEST programs are designed to enhance skills, develop professional networks, provide inspiration, and empower women to achieve their full potential.

Our members and event participants work in biotech, pharma, engineering and high tech companies and as well as in organizations that support and collaborate with these industries such as academic organizations, professional service firms, financial institutions, and non-profit groups. WEST is an established influencer in the Cambridge and greater Boston ecosystem as evidenced by our member base, our sponsors and our dedicated Board. WEST welcomes all genders as members, attendees and/or speakers at programs and events. As WEST continues to thrive, providing ever-increasing value in today’s highly connected world, we hope you will consider becoming part of our community. Please join us today.