Who Are We?
THRIVE: a boutique media agency where brand ideas and professional insights meet.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA THRIVE specializes in assisting outstanding businesses and clients weave a web between who they are and who they want to reach, while providing specialty services that allow them to evolve their brand identity and flourish across multiple platforms.

What Do We Do?
We ensure clients stand out by helping them find their true pulse. We integrate our brands into the digital and social space to expand their reach and increase visibility. Through the development of public relations strategies we foster engaging conversations and bring awareness to our clients’ brands by providing exposure across various channels—print, broadcast and online.

We aid clients in broadening their reach, establishing their identity, optimizing the social sphere, increasing their exposure and encouraging action.  THRIVE infuse the essence of every client into the work we provide and the strategies we develop—we thoroughly examine every client's specific needs and customize our services to push them to THRIVE!