10.01.2018 - Worldwide

WFKU Internet Radio is cenobrating their 10 year anniversary with Candy Corner Hellraiser III - A Dark Cenobration. This is the third consecutive halloween radio fundraiser. WFKU is providing Halloween themed radio programming 24 hours a day every day, for the entire month of October. Geared more towards goth culture, their normal programming contains various programming options and plenty of variety. This month however they are doing things a bit differently. In celebration of the darkest holiday of the year, WFKU announces that day to day programming will be some of the best spooky Halloween themed music as well as classic radio horror,drama, and mystery for the entire month of October. There will also be several live broadcasts per week from the Stations DJS and friends. Wfku's sister site, Gothgram.com is running a free to enter, cash prize, costume contest on instagram. Anyone can enter free by using the hashtag #gothgramhalloween2018 The station is free to listen to, and there will be promotions involving special advertising rates, stickers. candy, buttons, Flyers, and patches for Sponsors and contributors .

Contact Whiskey, the station manager, for more information about the fundraiser and the Station.
Email: Whiskey@wfku.org

Website: www.wfku.org

Fundraiser: www.gofundme.com/manage/wfku-candy-corner-hellraiser-3

“Wfku features radio programming for those who like the darker side of things along with home developed cutting edge internet radio technology.   They feature their own live broadcast system, request system  and secret project space catapult,  automatic broadcast to podcast recording and distribution.”