Cut-It-Out Communications, Inc. (, a Westchester public relations agency specializing in the incorporation of online activities in traditional PR programs, today announced it has received an all-star award from Constant Contact. The award is based on an e-newsletter the company has been distributing since 2007 titled, “The Cut-It-Out Customer.” 


In announcing the award, Constant Contact praised Cut-It-Out Communications for delivering “engaging information that your audience was eager to receive, open and read.” Article titles have included “Software Secrets,” “The Hedgehog Concept” and “The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success,” and topics have covered a variety of issues such as time management, boosting your blog and creating your own web pages. 


Willy Gissen, President of Cut-It-Out Communications, said, “My company is honored to be singled out by Constant Contact for this award. We were required to meet a series of quite stringent requirements, fitting for an honor by the premier email marketing organization in the nation.”


Mr. Gissen went on to list some of those requirements such as quality writing, longevity and a high open rate. According to Constant Contact, the award is only given to those companies who follow best practices and generate a high percentage of click-through responses as well.


The Cut-It-Out Customer is published every other month and primarily addresses business development, public relations and online activities. Past issues are posted in the company’s media room at





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