With the increase in wildlife adventure travel and eco-tourism as well as the constant search for something different to do  and somewhere different to go, whale watching is becoming an  increasingly popular  holiday choice. “More and more of us are taking the opportunity to see iconic and sometimes endangered species in the wild,  which are frequently in some of the remotest and most beautiful places on earth” says zoologist and conservationist Dr Nic Slocum, Founder of Whales Worldwide. (www.whalesworldwide.com) “Watching wild animals in their natural habitat is one of the most rewarding and breathtaking experiences”.

As owner of Whale Watch West Cork in Ireland (www.whalewatchwestcork.com), with over twenty five years’ experience of observing  marine wildlife  Nic combines his expertise and passions for travel, adventure, wildlife and the environment by offering exclusive, fully guided whale watching adventure tours worldwide.

"From swimming with Humpback Whales off the Dominican Republic or Tonga to close encounters with Pacific Gray Whales in Mexico or Southern Right Whales off Patagonia.   Wherever in the world we take you, our sole objective is to achieve, quite literally that ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter.” says Nic.

An authority on the threats currently facing these unique marine mammals Slocum has reviewed whale watching guidelines around the world and established one of the most comprehensive codes conduct for boat based whale watching operations down to the species level.

Slocum's ethos when viewing marine wildlife is encapsulated in the statement made by Maris Sidenstecker, Executive Director of Save The Whales "Nic Slocum’s respect for marine mammals and commitment to their safety is exceptional.  His education and first-hand knowledge of the animals make him an outstanding environmental leader.

Whales Worldwide specialises in small group excursions and each whale watching adventure includes first class accommodation and private transfers as well as the services of a qualified and experienced guide throughout.

“Whales Worldwide is committed to environmentally friendly travel in safety and comfort and at times when we can ensure unforgettable encounters” says Nic Slocum

For further information please visit our website at  www.whalesworldwide.com