Whatagraph, a marketing channel analysis and reporting solution, releases brand new, agency focused, platform in July. Whatagraph changes the way website and social analytics are prepared by automatically converting marketing analytics data into understandable infographic reports.

New Whatagraph agency platform will be more focused on digital marketing agencies and will enable commenting blocks, multi-user access, notifications when comments are due and many more important features that are forecasted to cut marketing team's reporting time by more than a half. “Whatagraph is an ideal solution for a content editor who doesn’t have to dig too deep but needs some data to better understand the audience, create reader personas, learn from mistakes, and emphasize success.” - Content Marketing Institute.

Using one simple dashboard, agencies can get a quick overview of web and social performance resulting in faster and more accurate decision-making. Rather than spending 4 hours just for creating a single report in order to spot the weak links, agencies can now quickly identify the bottlenecks and spend these hours coming up with more effective marketing and sales strategies instead. “I reached out to our clients asking what they thought of the reports and they loved them!  They could understand the infographic style reporting with explanations and not just graphs and charts which confuses them.” - Justin Herring, SEO expert and Head of Digital Marketing at YEAH! Local.

About Whatagraph: Founded in 2015, Whatagraph is now the leading company in TOP 10 fastest growing companies in Netherlands. Within 2 years of experience, Whatagraph have earned trust & loyalty with such brands as Vogue, Furla, Toshiba, Swatch, Digital Marketing Institute, Beacon Digital, Fairfax Media, BBDO, Triple 888, Domino’s pizza etc.

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